Goode a4 plastic sealing film a3 plastic film 6 inches photo award certificate self-adhesive film plastic sealing machine glued paper thermoplastic bag photo plastic machine sealing film paper transparent specimen self-sealing protective film heat shrinka

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Product details
Brand Goode
Time to market 2018-04-18
Format A4
Manufacturer Decheng
Thickness 100mic
Merchant Wende office supplies store

A very novel design of the simulated refrigerator magnet. the insulation film does not contain plastic sealing film. it adopts a special design method that can effectively prevent scalding and slipping during use, so that your photos and pictures will not fade easily. in addition, thermal insulation film is a device for storing photos, and it is more convenient to use. you can make plastic sealing film at will.

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Tags: Heat shrink film, Protective film, Self-adhesive membrane