Shuangfeng oil painting box oil painting toolbox wooden portable student sketch art special painting box portable oil painting box oil painting box outdoor sketching oil painting acrylic toolbox portable oil painting box

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Product details
Brand Stationery
Is the height adjustable No
Model Hx-20 coloring portable painting box
Artboard type Wooden drawing board
Whether portable Yes
Manufacturer Tianchang shuangfeng stationery co., ltd.
Merchant Fengfeng office supplies flagship store

The pallet is made of rubber wood. the surface of the pallet is smooth and burr-free, and it feels comfortable to the hand. the tray has a built-in storage painting box, which can be used separately and used as a painting box. the internal tray can be classified to place painting tools. the buckles and detachable structure allow the tray to be tightly fixed in the painting box. there is also a storage space for painting tools inside the painting box, which can be used to store some painting tools, making it more convenient to use.

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