Strong double-sided tape strong sponge strong sticky double-sided adhesive paper tape high viscosity does not leave marks easy to tear office double-sided adhesive transparent children's handmade stationery thin section double-sided tape for students

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Product details
Brand Youbisheng
Item number 12 meters of hot melt adhesive
Tape type Double sided tape
Manufacturer Youbisheng adhesive tape (hangzhou) co., ltd.
Merchant Ubisen flagship store

Tearable tape, environmentally friendly sponge, use small objects as seals, waterproof and stain-proof, wear-resistant, easy to tear, and easy to clean. traceless and strong adhesive, leaving no traces, easy to use and easy to learn. it can be restored to its original shape by tearing it off, saying goodbye to tape-type installation. it saves time, effort and trouble, and is convenient to use.

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